Dragon Tarot Readings

Tarot and Counselling

Dragon TarotI have resisted using props and devices such as oracle cards and other means of divination. A few years ago I made the decision that I will learn to trust my own vibes. When it comes to tarot I will be the first to admit that I have been avoiding it at all cost.

However, I recently stumbled onto a tarot deck that I loved from the word go. I immediately reserved the item for myself. And now I am working with Nigel Suckling’s The Dragon Tarot.

In my experience, working with Dragon energy can be a daunting affair. Why? Because Dragons are fairly direct, strong and break through blocks and hindrances with little difficulty. I read an article a few years ago. It warned that their service is not to be taken lightly. A person should not invoke the assistance of a Dragon unless you are prepared for the effects. They bash through stagnant energies, break down self-imposed walls and have a strength that is unsurpassed in the metaphysical realm.

Since a large group of the Dragon realm is associated with the element of Fire, they have the ability to also purge any gunk and debris. Dragons from other Elemental Realms are just as effective in applying their element in cleaning, clearing, moving and destroying old patterns.

It is for this reason that I employ the Dragon Tarot deck, to assist in finding your answers and to help you clear your path from self-limiting blocks of belief and behaviours.

I offer two options for this service:

  1. BASIC – One hour session in which we get to the basic, nitty-gritty of the situation at hand.
    To book for this service, follow this link.
  2. EXTENSIVE – A two hour session, using the Dragon Tarot deck as well as a selection of Oracle decks to assist in going deeper.
    To book for this service, follow this link.