Intuitive Counseling, Guidance and Support

CounselingI only advocate living your own story. I am not an advocate for anything or any cause, other than that you live your own life, your way. Through intuitive guidance and counseling, I can help you to achieve exactly that.

When someone arrives at my door, asking for my shoulder or a chance to converse about their life, they seldom realise how much of them I see while we converse. The best way for me to describe what happens, is to compare myself to a mentalist: I hear what you say; I sense your emotions; my senses also reach out to possibilities and the people around you in your situation; my psychic and intuitive senses give me more clues and insights; theoretical knowledge and philosophies move forward and all of my own experience bares itself to me.

From there I gather everything, while listening, and in my Mind I get a sense of all the converging paths that lie in wait for you. When I think about it, it is almost like having a different Tarot spread for each of the various options that lie in front of you. But what I do then, is to ask YOU all the questions to lead you to your answers.

I may give suggestions.

Or I may give options.

I could even offer my opinions.

But that is neither here nor there. It is not my journey, and giving the answers to you would mean that I am interfering with your path.

Instead, I lead you to your own answers. That is why I do not like to use decks and cards because they can only point in one direction at a given time.

Life is about options. Choices. Consequences.

I help you to find the answer that works for you, without feeding you with a spoon.

Now that you know, I invite you to come for such a session. The effects may be small and life changing, or it may be profound and earth shattering.

It all depends on where you’re at.

You can book a counseling session via the online form, or by contacting me on the details at the bottom of this page.