As a Teacher & Coach

Knowledge is power. When we empower ourselves we can make informed decisions about the things that matter to us.

As a teacher I present some of my own workshops in and around the Helderberg area. In my own workshops I attempt to pass on what I have learnt about a great many things. I teach people about Chakras, Faeries and Elementals, Sacred Geometry and am especially fond of helping people learn to MEDITATE.

I am passionate about teaching! From an early age I have always seen myself as a teacher in the front of a classroom. My favourite childhood game was “Klippie Skool” which could probably be translated as “Pebble School” and although it wasn’t really a mock-classroom where I taught any subjects, just the notion that I am in front of a class and marking assignments, advancing clever students really excited me.

Life did not work out quite the way I planned though, and I ended up as an I.T. Technician. But I never gave up on the dream!

At first I started by compiling my first 3 day Meditation workshop. From there I went on to designing a Meditation course, and eventually Meditation Essentials. This was a one day workshop, designed to teach the basics of meditation to busy people.

Having qualified as a Reiki Master, I am also able to teach reiki to anyone who is keen to learn this beautiful, gentle modality. My courses take place in a home environment, and you can check out further details from the menu, or make a booking in the online store.

Workshops and courses will be happening on an ad hoc basis, so make sure you are SUBSCRIBED to my newsletter for updates!