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New blog series coming in March!

coming soon

Good news!

No, wait: AWESOME news!

Over the next few weeks I will be releasing little bits of information about the 12 Chakras.

Why twelve, I hear you ask?

Because I work with TWELVE chakras! Our vibration has shifted and our awareness now extends outside of the physical body. We are more than just the physical body. There is a whole energy system which scientists are now able to perceive, measure and investigate. As humanity’s awareness expands, so does science. First the thought, then the thing.

This is a very exciting time for Earth, as many of you already know!

We are now the gods and goddesses that we have been praying to. It is time we step up our vibration by actively engaging with our energy system, connecting heart-to-heart with all of our brothers and sisters in the physical and thus KEEP raising the vibration even more!

So, this is a heads up! Watch out for that first blog entry coming in the first week of March. Make sure you take your shoes off so long. You will be getting “down and dirty” so to speak.

Are you ready?

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